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Dianna Harris

Born: 1962 in Topeka Kansas
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Dianna now lives in Westmont, Illinois

Biography: Dianna describes herself as a communications specialist with a passion for history. Her first book is to be released in Novembeer 2012


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

  Gold Coast Madam :
ISBN: 9781893121386 OCLC: 823739139

Lake Claremont Press, Chicago : 2012.

Chicago, 1988. I was 52 years old, 5'4 tall, and 130 pounds, with red hair and a 36DDD bust, enjoying dramatic Lake Michigan and skyline views from my 21st-floor apartment in the landmark Lake Point Towers building. I had never felt more alive. I was Chicago's reigning madam, providing $400 an hour call girls to Chicago's business owners, traders, lawyers, judges, politicians, mobsters, pro athletes, and Hollywood stars at addresses all over Chicago's downtown and Gold Coast. Vice was on their way up--the doorman had tipped me off. I started thinking back on my life, where I came from, and how I ever got to where I was now. I began life the youngest of nine on a primitive farm in the backwoods of Tennessee. Seeking to make my own way in the world I would meet and marry a man from Cicero, Illinois. Soon I was pregnant eight times in eight years, malnourished, and beaten--once nearly to death. That's when I left. When I recovered and returned for my five kids, I discovered they'd been put in a brutal orphanage. It took me years to get them back. God knows why I got into this business. It was to save my kids. But I chose to stay. I enjoyed it, I was good at it, and I'd still do it today if I could ... From my earliest days as a hanky-panky entrepreneur in the 1960s--renting rooms by the hour at the Addison Motel--others took notice. Playboy, Penthouse, the Sybaris. My adventures took me to all over the Western Suburbs, to Atlanta, Savannah, and the Oak Brook Polo Fields, and eventually to the nightclubs, bars, yachts, and penthouses of Chicago's Gold Coast. I'd work in this business until 2002 when the FBI busted me and I served 17 months in federal prison. Now I'm retired, living in Florida, and spending my days like many seniors here, walking, playing with my grandchildren, going to church. Let me take you back to my days of juggling three sugar daddies, living and breathing sex, providing the city's elite with beautiful women, having loads of cash and tons of fun, and experiencing the joys and heartaches of a life on the edge, lived to its fullest.