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Dale Coy, MD

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Coy graduated from Northwestern University.

Biography: Dale coy, M.D. graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in industrial engineering. After receiving his medical degree from The Ohio State University, he specialized in gastroenterology and is an expert in liver and digestive diseases. When Dr. Coy pledged the Hippocratic oath, he fervently believed in the importance of putting his patients' needs first. Although his commitment to the best paitient care has not changed, he is practiciting in an environment where business principles have taken priority. His book, ''Morton's Fork'', depicts the tragic arc of a docotor's life, with eroding patient respect, financial uncertainty, and vulnerability, where a missed diagnosis can bring a lawsiut and shame. The balancing rewards are lost. Coy's mission is to bring to light exiled emotions that take their toll on our nation's physicians. Will empathy be the antidote? Health care is the social issue of the decade. Dr. Coy's blog, ''Second Opinion'', discusses health care reform, life as a doctor, current challenges, and the social-emotional impact that health care reform is having on doctors and patients. When not practicing medicine, Dr. Coy enjoys spending time with his family, visiting National Parks, skiing, fishing, and exploring the Alaskan wilderness.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

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Selected Titles

Morton's fork /
ISBN: 1935766198 OCLC: 798062744

Chi-Towne Fiction/Windy City Publishers, Rolling Meadows, IL : 2012.

"Morton's fork: a choice between two equally unpleasant alternatives. Roger Hartley is a dedicated old-school physician who prides himself on knowing his patients by name and promptly returning their calls. But squeezed by the new economics of health care, his tidy world begins to unravel when an uninsured patient slaps him with a frivolous lawsuit. At the mercy of an unjust legal system, Hartley reaches his breaking point and commits a rash act that unexpectedly thrusts him into the center of a hot-button political issue. Chaos ensues as the worlds of law and medicine collide. The original malpractice lawsuit becomes the least of Hartley's troubles"--Page 4 of cover.