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John J. Dunphy

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: He lives in Alton, Illinois.

Biography: John J. Dunphy is a freelance writer and owns ''The Second Reading Book Shop'' in Alton, Illinois. His poetry has also appeared in numerous anthologies. Dunphy's website also serves as the homepage for his bookstore, the second oldest used bookstore in the St. Louis MetroEast area. He has also been a frequent contribuotor to ''Springhouse'' and the old ''Illinois'' magazines. To see an interview with the author in his Book Shop, go to: [;;].


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction; Poetry

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Selected Titles

Abolitionism and the Civil War in Southwestern Illinois /
ISBN: 1609493281 OCLC: 744560405

History Press, Charleston, SC : 2011.

From Christmas to Twelfth Night in Southern Illinois
ISBN: 9781614232537 OCLC: 945746064

History Press, Charleston, S.C. : ©2010.

Journey to a region where all the perennials are said to bloom at midnight on Christmas Eve and where a family's luck is determined by the first person to walk through their door on New Year's Day. Spend a literary Christmas in Herrin, listen to the twelve bells of Belleville ring out the coming year and greet the Three Kings of Germantown at Epiphany. Whether you are a newcomer to southern Illinois or whether you feel like you have been singing La Guiannee since the tradition started in Prairie du Rocher in 1720, join John J. Dunphy for a season of sacred memories and merry recollections.

  From Christmas to Twelfth Night in Southern Illinois /
ISBN: 1596299134 OCLC: 663773427

History Press, Charleston, S.C. : ©2010.

  It happened at the River Bend
ISBN: 9780974164212 OCLC: 183886227

Second Reading Publications, Alton, Ill. : ©2007.

  Lewis and Clark's Illinois volunteers /
ISBN: 0974164208 OCLC: 54094490

Second Reading Publications, Alton, Ill. : ©2003.

Brief biographical sketches of some of the Illinois recuits who accompanied Lewis & Clark on the Corps of Discovery.

  Old soldiers fading away
ISBN: 1589984099 OCLC: 73828833

Pudding House Publications, Columbus, Ohio : ©2006.

  Zen koanhead :
ISBN: 9780974164229 OCLC: 662657309

Second Reading Publications, Alton, Ill. : ©2008.