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Irving Wallace

Born: 1916 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: 1990 in Los Angelos, California

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: In addition to his birth in Chicago, Wallace was a reporter for the Chicago Daily News/Sun Times Wire Service at the Democratic and Republican national conventions in 1922.

Biography: One of America's most popular writers (and one of its chief literary exports with volumes printed in 31 languages worldwide), Irving Wallace began his career while still in his teens, contributing stories and articles to magazines. In World War II Wallace served in the Frank Capra unit in Fort Fox along with Theodor Seuss Geisel - more popularly known as Dr Seuss - and continued to write for magazines. After an unsatisfying stint in Hollywood, he devoted himself full-time to writing books. He became a best-selling author and screenwriter. Wallace was known for his heavily researched novels, many with a sexual theme.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

  Fan club
ISBN: 8425322960 OCLC: 805081797

Grijalbo, Barcelona : DL 1990.

ISBN: 3570026299 OCLC: 74265606

Bertelsmann München, Gütersloh, Wien 1975

  The almighty.
ISBN: 1850575320 OCLC: 18070681

Magna, 1988.

  The celestial bed
ISBN: 9780616778098 OCLC: 1011724973

CNIB, Toronto : 2012.

Sex therapist Arnold Freeberg can boast a cure rate of 100 percent with his new practice of employing trained substitute sex partners. But not everyone in his small southern California community is happy with his success. Includes sex. 1987.

  The miracle
ISBN: 9781501271410 OCLC: 930557032

Thousands of desperate people are drawn to Lourdes and its renowned Grotto when the Vatican announces that the Virgin Mary will perform another miracle cure there. Their lives are at stake... but will a miracle really occur? Irving Wallace, author of The Word, The Man, and The Prize, focuses on an eclectic group of pilgrims at the site of the Virgin Mary's legendary appearance: Ken Clayton, a young American who gives up medicine in hope of a spiritual cure; his fiancee, Amanda, a psychologist; a powerful Russian official who must keep his dangerous visit a secret; Hurtado, a Basque terrorist to whom the Grotto symbolizes repression; Liz Finch, a cynical journalist; Kleinberg, a Jewish doctor; Edith Moore, an English woman who is thrust into the limelight because of her own recovery, and Gisele, whose ambition is not to reach Lourdes but to escape it.

  The pigeon project
ISBN: 0553205889 OCLC: 453914955

Bantam, Toronto : 1981.

The R document
ISBN: 0765354470 OCLC: 69173321

Forge, New York, NY : 2006, ©1976.

As crime and violence threaten to engulf America, the President proposes a daring new amendment to the Constitution, allowing the Bill of Rights to be suspended during times of national emergency. To its supporters the 35th Amendment is the only way to keep America from sliding into chaos. Its opponents see the Amendment as an outright attack on freedom. Christopher Collins, the newly-appointed Attorney General, has reservations about the Amendment, but feels confident that it would not be abused in the way its more hysterical opponents fear. Then a deathbed confession from his predecessor warns him to beware of something called The R Document. What is The R Document, and what does it have to do with the proposed 35th Amendment? As state after state ratifies the Amendment, pushing it ever closer to becoming the law of the land, Collins must get to the bottom of an unimaginable conspiracy-- before time runs out for the fundamental liberties of all Americans--Page 4 of cover.

  The Second Lady
ISBN: 9780616755860 OCLC: 1011731851

CNIB, Toronto : 2012.

Billie Bradford, First Lady of the United States, is kidnapped by the KGB and replaced by an exact twin who has been transformed by every scientific and psychological trick in the KGB repertoire. Some strong language. Explicit descriptions of sex. 1980.

  The seventh secret /
ISBN: 0451145577 OCLC: 14628644

New American Library, New York : 1986.

When evidence emerges that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun may not have committed suicide, and Dr. Harrison Ashcroft, an Oxford historian writing the definitive Hitler biography, is killed in an accident, a diverse group of people searches for the secret of the Fuhrerbunker.

The seventh secret :
ISBN: 0525243828 OCLC: 12315501

Dutton, New York : ©1986.

Emily Ashcroft continues her father's work after his freakish death. He believed that Hitler and Braun survived and were now in Berlin. Emily is aided by a diverse group of people in her quest.

  The Word
ISBN: 1560688696 OCLC: 37949064

Anchor Bay Entertainment, Troy, Mich. : [©1995]

An archaeologist finds a manuscript said to contain the writings of Christ's younger brother concerning unknown fragments of the Messiah's life. It ignites controversy in the religious world.

The word :
ISBN: 0671211536 OCLC: 278994

Simon and Schuster [New York] [1972]

The discovery of a document written by James of Jerusalem, the younger brother of Jesus Christ, sets off reverberations throughout the world.