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Bonnie Larkin Nims

Born: in San Francisco, California
Died: 2008 in Gainesville, Florida

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Nims lived in Chicago from 1961 - 1973. In 1976, she returned to Chicago and in 1982, she started spending her winters in Gainesville, Florida. She continued living in Chicago until 2005.

Biography: Bonnie Larkin Nims was born in San Francisco, California. She grew up in California and Kansas and graduated from Mount Carmel Academy in Wichita. She graduated at the top of her Class from St. Mary's of Notre Dame, where she met her husband, The Poet John Frederick Nims. Nims resided in Chicago after returning from Europe in 1961 where Mr. Nims was a Good will Ambassador for the United States. Bonnie wrote for Encyclopedia Britannica and many other publications. She was a gifted writer who published many children's books. She volunteered at Cabrini Green Housing project in Chicago where she loved teaching the young children about the joys of reading. In 1973 Nims moved to Gainesville, Florida so that John could be a visiting professor at the University of Florida. Bonnie returned to Chicago with her husband in 1976 but they continued to spend their winters in Gainesville beginning in 1982. They resided in Chicago when her husband died in 1999 and she relocated full time to Gainesville, Florida in 2005.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children

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Selected Titles

  "SRA phonics."
ISBN: 0026860384 OCLC: 222598626

SRA/McGraw-Hill, [Worthington, OH] : ©1995.

Collection of child-centered stories containing rhythm and repetition to help children understand long and short vowels.

  Always at home;
ISBN: 0838210503 OCLC: 627774

E.M. Hale, Eau Claire, Wis., ©1970.

Briefly explains the characteristics of mollusks and the shells they call home.

Just beyond reach and other riddle poems /
ISBN: 0590440772 OCLC: 23693675

Scholastic, New York : ©1992.

Fourteen short poems provide riddles for the reader to solve.

  Never wake a sleeping snake /
ISBN: 0395740177 OCLC: 35951640

Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, Mass. : 1996.

Mike's constant yelling comes to an abrupt end when he discovers a sleeping snake in his house.

  Otto and Oscar
ISBN: 0026860252 OCLC: 44165928

SRA/Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, [Worthington, Ohio] : ©1995.

  Shenette gets the perfect pet /
ISBN: 0026860260 OCLC: 44108252

SRA/Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, [Worthington, Ohio] : ©1995.

  Watch me read.
ISBN: 0395747996 OCLC: 36876535

Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston : ©1996.

Where is the bear at school? /
ISBN: 0807589357 OCLC: 20294944

A. Whitman, Niles, Ill. : 1989.

Rhyming text asks the reader to find, with increasing degrees of difficulty, the hidden bear in each scene.

Where is the bear in the city? /
ISBN: 0807589373 OCLC: 25281489

A. Whitman, Morton Grove, Ill. : 1992.

The reader may try to find Bear in the illustrations as he takes part in many aspects of city life, including playing baseball, getting on the subway, and observing the city from a tall building.

  Where is the bear? /
ISBN: 0807589330 OCLC: 16718282

A. Whitman, Niles, Ill. : 1988.

Rhyming text asks the reader to find the hidden bear in each scene, with varying degrees of difficulty.

  Yo quisiera vivir en un parque de juegos =
ISBN: 087955200X OCLC: 262895

J.P. O'Hara, Chicago : ©1972.

Poems reflect the many opportunities for fun offered by parks and playgrounds.