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Cassie Edwards

Born: 1936
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Cassie lives in Mattoon, Illinois, with her husband Charles.

Biography: Cassie Edwards is a best-selling American author of over 100 historical romance novels. She began writing romances in 1982. Although her earlier books were classic historical romances, the vast majority of her novels involve Native American tribes.

  • Cassie's Indian romances have appeared on bestseller lists all across the country, including USA Today's list, as well as Waldenbooks and B. Dalton's top ten. She has also won the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Reviewer's Choice Award from Romantic Ti

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A gentle passion
ISBN: 0373286171 OCLC: 19340295

Harlequin Books, Toronto ; 1989.

  Bedreigd geluk
ISBN: 9037818382 OCLC: 67744138

Audax Publishing ; Amsterdam : cop. 1999.

  Desire's Blossom.
ISBN: 9780821773345 OCLC: 230184398

Zebra Books 1999.

  Eden's promise
ISBN: 9781428509108 OCLC: 747239992

Dorchester Pub. Co., New York : 2010, ©1989.

Enchanted enemy
ISBN: 0821771264 OCLC: 47197287

Kensington Pub. Corp., New York, NY : [2001], ©1988.

  Eugenia's embrace.
ISBN: 0821718800 OCLC: 948553489

Kensington Pub Corp, [Place of publication not identified] : 1986.

Fire cloud
ISBN: 0786241128 OCLC: 48920086

Thorndike Press, Waterville, Me. : 2002.

Engaged to a man she does not love, Janelle Coolidge returns to her native Missouri to find answers. What she finds is a face from her past: Fire Cloud, now a brave Chippewa warrior. Janelle and Fire Cloud must risk everything for a love they have waited their whole lives to share.

Flaming arrow
ISBN: 0451407571 OCLC: 37767372

Penguin Group, New York, N.Y. : ©1997.

Flaming Arrow and his people were driven from their land, he needed to find them a new home. Valerie Ross defied her father and rode into the Montana wilderness. She came face to face with Flaming Arrow, he hated white people for what they had done to his people. Will they form a relatioship?

Forbidden embrace
ISBN: 0821767275 OCLC: 44933266

Zebra ; New York : 2000.

  Hostage heart.
ISBN: 9998684544 OCLC: 948506412

Berkley Pub Group, [Place of publication not identified] : 1988.

Island rapture
ISBN: 0505519437 OCLC: 30044611

Love Spell, New York City : [1994], ©1985.

Lone eagle
ISBN: 0786261986 OCLC: 53483432

Thorndike Press, Waterville, Me. : 2003.

Midnight falcon
ISBN: 0786277734 OCLC: 58843004

Thorndike Press, Waterville, Me. : 2005.

Recently widowed, Chandra O'Banyon is tired of life in Jamestown caring for her overbearing brother and young niece, until she meets the powerful Powhatan chief Midnight Falcon.

Night wolf
ISBN: 1405630094 OCLC: 54694627

Wheeler Pub. ; Waterville, Me. : 2004.

Unwilling to submit to her father's will and marry a cavalry officer from Fort Harris, Marissa McHugh finds her life changed after she meets Night Wolf, an Indian warrior who gives her the courage to defy her father.

Night Wolf /
ISBN: 0451210786 OCLC: 53473989

New American Library, New York, N.Y. : ©2003.

Marissa McHugh, destined to marry a cavalry officer, finds the courage to defy her father when she meets and falls in love with Night Wolf, and though the Cree leader's feelings for Marissa echo her own, he too has the best interests of his people to consider.

Passion in the wind
ISBN: 0373286058 OCLC: 18873926

Harlequin Books, Toronto : 1988.

  Passion's embrace
ISBN: 0263817679 OCLC: 41310260

Mills & Boon, Richmond : 1999.

Passion's web
ISBN: 0786239131 OCLC: 48870908

Thorndike Press, Waterville, Me. : 2002.

  Portrait of desire
ISBN: 9781420119589 OCLC: 708581489

Zebra Books, New York : [2011?], ©1982.

Desperate to get revenge on the man responsible for her parents' deaths, Jennifer Brewster is distracted by artist Nicholas Oglesby, and as their passion flares, so does a deadly scheme, threatening to destroy them both, in a romance set in turn-of-the-century San Francisco and Seattle.

Proud Eagle
ISBN: 045121367X OCLC: 57121642

Signet, New York, N.Y. : ©2004.

Billie Shaughnessy is an heiress to a lumber firm. But the land belonged to the Indians. Her father broke treaties, stole land and gouged the forests closest to Proud eagle's village, causing mud slides and killing Proud Eagle's wife. Billie and Proud Eagle should be bitter enemies. Do they fall in love?

Racing moon
ISBN: 0739433652 OCLC: 52484978

Signet, New York, N.Y. : 2003.

Newly arrived in Louisiana from Ireland, the O'Rourke family is looking forward to a fresh start, especially high-spirited Maureen. An accomplished artist, she's thrilled when gentleman farmer Taylor Clairmont hires to paint scenes of his lavish estate. But Taylor is ruthless and greedy. knowing how desperately Maureen needs the work, the commission comes with strings attached. Even as Maureen struggles to please the villain, another subject has captured her imagination; Chief Racing Moon. Observing the handsome brave from afar, she longs to capture his pride and power in her art. But Racing Moon and his people have been the unscrupulous Taylor's victims for far too long. Wary of the flame-haired beauty a Taylor's manor, he vows to keep his distance, a vow he cannot keep.

  Rapture's rendezvous
ISBN: 9781420119572 OCLC: 230184371

Zebra Books, New York : 1999.

Boarding an immigrant ship to America, Maria Lazzaro, a beautiful young woman, falls in love with Michael Hockett, unaware that he plans to leave her when the voyage is over.

Roses after rain
ISBN: 0505522195 OCLC: 37537604

Love Spell Books, New York : 1997, ©1990.

  Running Fox :
ISBN: 9781405641616 OCLC: 80918051

Wheeler ; Waterville, Me. : 2007.

Nancy Partrain's life in pioneer Michigan has become a nightmare since her mother married her stepfather-who has involved her in his underhanded whiskey trading scheme. Then Nancy meets handsome Running Fox, chieftain of the Fox band of the Lakota tribe, who wants to put an end to her stepfather's corruption of his people. In each other they stir feelings of hope, freedom ... and longing. Stolen away to eerie Ghost Island by Running Fox, Nancy finds herself falling for her abductor.

  Savage Arrow.
ISBN: 1283321475 OCLC: 823855183

Dorchester Publishing 2011.

Saved from certain death by a brave Sioux warrior, Jessie knew her destiny lay with Chief Thunder Horse-but will circumstances beyond their control keep the two lovers apart?

  Savage Beloved.
ISBN: 1283292858 OCLC: 823854715

Dorchester Publishing 2011.

The minute Candy Creighton sees the powerful Wichita chief, Two Eagles, she knows they are meant to be together-but they must fight against a society that tries to keep them apart.

Savage bliss
ISBN: 0505524252 OCLC: 46422474

Dorchester Pub. Co., New York : [2001]

  Savage Courage.
ISBN: 1283320339 OCLC: 823855162

Dorchester Publishing 2011.

An Apache woman who was raised by whites strikes out on her own to find her true mother-and discovers true love instead.

Savage dance
ISBN: 050552242X OCLC: 37997633

Love Spell Books, New York City : 1997, ©1991.

Half-Indian and half-white, Kiriki, adopted by a Pawnee chief as a child, is on the verge of womanhood. She longs to spend her life as Sun Eagle's woman. He, in turn, aches to claim her. But when Kiriki is chosen as the sacrifice in a Pawnee ritual and kidnapped, Sun Eagle's ardor turns to rage. And as he seeks to free her and make her his wife, he realizes that one misstep could be the last one for both of them.

Savage destiny
ISBN: 084395051X OCLC: 51608683

Dorchester Pub. Co., New York : 2003.

Savage devotion
ISBN: 0843947357 OCLC: 44588532

Leisure Books, New York : 2000.

Savage dream
ISBN: 0786258810 OCLC: 52757131

Thorndike Press, Waterville, Me. : 2003.

After her dalliance with Shadow, the fearsome Native American her father forbade her even to acknowledge, sultry Maria yearns again for his forceful embrace.

Savage Eden
ISBN: 0505520974 OCLC: 34959519

Love Spell, New York City : [1996], ©1988.

  Savage fires
ISBN: 088646580X OCLC: 45062326

DH Audio, [Niagara Falls, NY] : ℗2000.

Savage grace
ISBN: 1587243334 OCLC: 50339843

Wheeler Pub., [Waterville, Me.] : 2002.

Savage heart
ISBN: 0786296682 OCLC: 86110053

Thorndike Press, Detroit : 2007.

After their parents are taken by cholera, Christa and David Martin are left with nothing but an isolated cabin in the Pacific Northwest; Christa's heart belongs to no man until her eyes touch upon a lean, dark and forbidden stranger--Tall Cloud, the powerful chief of the Suquamish Indians.

Savage heat
ISBN: 9780843943498 OCLC: 38198010

Leisure Books, New York City : 1998.

Zoe Hawkins, a beautiful female sheriff from Oklahoma, finds herself being pursued by White Shadow, a brash Kiowa chief.

Savage hero /
ISBN: 0843950528 OCLC: 52708047

Leisure Books, New York : 2003.

To the Crow people the land was a gift from the First Maker, a place of snowy mountains and sunny plains, where elk and antelope grazed by brightly tumbling streams. But Chief Brave Wolf knew that proud heritage was threatened by the pony soldiers under Yellow Hair's command, for they spread death and destruction wherever they rode. To Mary Beth Wilson, Custer's Last Stand meant the end of her marrieage and a lonely trek back east with her young son David. When renegades attacked her wagon train, carrying off her beloved child, she thought her heart would break, until rescue came in the form she least expected: a powerful Crow warrior whose gentle eyes promised she would know nothing but tenderness at his hands. This beautiful man was both her savior and her enemy, her ... Savage Hero.

  Savage Hero.
ISBN: 1283333562 OCLC: 823855303

Dorchester Publishing 2011.

A Crow warrior rescues a stranded woman from the cruelty of the plains with his tender love and gentle passion.

Savage honor
ISBN: 0786247827 OCLC: 50718606

Thorndike Press, Waterville, Me. : 2003.

Savage hope
ISBN: 0786272295 OCLC: 58479014

Thorndike Press, Waterville, Me. : 2005.

Savage illusion
ISBN: 9780843938371 OCLC: 52221775

Leisure Books, New York : 2003, ©1993.

Savage innocence
ISBN: 0821779931 OCLC: 70192175

Zebra Books, New York : 2006.

Seeking a new life away from the confines of her small-town home, Danette encounters a Chippewa warrior named Gray Wolf, but their romance is threatened by another man's ambitions.

Savage joy
ISBN: 0843944803 OCLC: 40760014

Leisure Books, New York City : 1999.

Raised in the world of white people, half-Iroquois Shanndel Lynn, secretly named Rain Singing by her Native American mother, is instantly drawn to visiting Shawnee chief Panther, who is the archenemy of the Iroquois tribe responsible for the death of his wife.

Savage mists
ISBN: 0843933046 OCLC: 26250340

Leisure Books, New York City : 1992.

Savage moon
ISBN: 0843949635 OCLC: 49015374

Leisure Books, New York City : 2002.

When she was 10 years old, Misshi Bradley saw her family die on the trail West. She survived only because she was taken captive by a band of Indians. Now as an adult she feels herself drawn to Soaring Hawk, the son of the renegade who destroyed her family years before.

Savage obsession /
ISBN: 0821779680 OCLC: 62881539

Zebra Books, New York, NY : ©2006.

While her beloved family struggles to put down stakes in the harsh Minnesota territory, Lorinda Odell is in St. Paul to get a proper education. But the bustling city is not without its own hazards, especially for a young woman as lovely as Lorinda. Her fiery red hair and seductive curves have caught the eye of a vicious trapper who hungers to make her his own. Before Lorinda can settle into city life, she finds herself orphaned by a brutal Indian attack and kidnapped by the trapper. Lorinda is rescued by a steely Chippewa brave. Her fear melts into desire at the touch of Yellow Feather, who guides Lorinda into a way of life unknown to her and into the untamed territory of her own heart. But when the Chippewa nation comes under siege, Lorinda may be ripped from Yellow Feathers arms forever.

  Savage paradise
ISBN: 9781420129540 OCLC: 883318131

Kensington Books, New York : 2014.

New York Times bestselling author Cassie Edwards takes us to the untamed frontier borders to tell the tale of a man and woman who are drawn together by desire but torn apart by hatred. . . When Mariana Fowler arrives in the Minnesota territory, she is not prepared for the uncivilized world she encounters. What unsettles her most is the man who captures her attention, a handsome Chippewa brave named Lone Hawk--an enemy of her people. . . A fiercely proud warrior, Lone Hawk has every intention of resisting his powerful feelings for the beautiful woman whose life he saved. Yet his all-consuming desire demands that he seduce Mariana and make her his bride. But if he surrenders to his deepest longings, their forbidden union could cost him everything--including the one woman he can't help but love. . . Cassie Edwards consistently gives the reader a strong love story, rich in Indian lore, filled with passion and memorable characters.--Romantic Times Captivating. . .heartwarming. . .beautiful. . .a winner.--Rendezvous.

  Savage passions
ISBN: 9781601361332 OCLC: 527702584

Audio Holdings, Princeton : 2009.

Yvonne secretly admired the chieftain of a peaceful Ottawa Tribe, but white men and Indians alike threaten to keep them forever apart. They'd need the strength of a love both breathtaking and bold.

Savage pride
ISBN: 0505524066 OCLC: 45320305

Dorchester Pub. Co., New York : [2000]

Savage promise
ISBN: 0843932260 OCLC: 25177784

Leisure Books, New York City : ©1992.

  Savage Quest.
ISBN: 1283373343 OCLC: 824105677

Dorchester Publishing 2011.

When Annamae Jacobs runs away from the carnival where she grew up, she is taken in by the captivating Blackfoot chieftain who knows her prophetic dreams are much more than a freakish sideshow.

Savage secrets
ISBN: 0505524155 OCLC: 45747113

Love Spell, New York : 2000, ©1995.

  Savage shadows
ISBN: 9781601361349 OCLC: 527702650

Audio Holdings, LLC, Princeton : 2009.

All her life, Jae lived in the mysterious region of Texas known as the Big Thicket. And even though the wild land was full of ferocious animals and deadly outlaws, the golden-haired beauty never feared for her safety. Then a rugged rancher came to take Jae to a home and a father she had never known, and she was alarmed by the dangerous desires he roused in her innocent heart.

  Savage Spirit
ISBN: 0585283141 OCLC: 49851266

Leisure Books, New York : 1994.

Savage splendor
ISBN: 0505521121 OCLC: 35051537

Love Spell : New York City : 1996, ©1988.

Savage sunrise
ISBN: 0843945362 OCLC: 40850582

Leisure Books, New York City : 1993.

Savage surrender
ISBN: 0505520931 OCLC: 34600426

Dorchester Pub. Co., New York, NY : [1996], ©1987.

Strong-willed Brenda has escaped her family's murderers, only to have her anguish and fury challenged by the wilderness. Her only hope for survival lay in the forceful arms of an Ojibwa warrior--the kind of man Brenda had been raised to fear.

  Savage tears
ISBN: 9781601361356 OCLC: 468831756

Audio Holdings, LLC, Princeton : ℗2009.

With the mere glance of his smoldering eyes, Spotted Horse could spark a firestorm of desire in the spirited settler's heart. Then he stole like a shadow in the night to rescue Marjorie from her hated stepfather, and she ached to surrender to the proud warrior body and soul.

  Savage Tempest.
ISBN: 1283320304 OCLC: 823855159

Dorchester Publishing 2011.

Commanded by his father to abduct a white woman as an act of revenge, High Hawk does not anticipate that his beautiful hostage will steal his own heart.

Savage thunder
ISBN: 0786247835 OCLC: 50339336

Thorndike Press, Waterville, Me. : 2002.

Savage torment
ISBN: 9780821780862 OCLC: 148898056

Zebra Books : New York, NY : ©1986.

Taking over her father's lumber business was not the future free-spirited Judith McMahon had in mind. But his insistence on a trip into Chippewa country fired her with thoughts of adventure. She wasn't prepared for its shocking reality--a fierce, sensual Chippewa man.

  Savage Vision.
ISBN: 1283320355 OCLC: 823855164

Dorchester Publishing 2011.

Chief Hawke can handle anything life throws at him, even masquerading as a pirate on the high seas-but he knows he's met his match in a flame-haired woman named Scarlett.

Savage whispers
ISBN: 0505523817 OCLC: 44207096

Love Spell, Dorchester Pub., New York City : 2000, ©1989.

  Savage wonder
ISBN: 9781601361363 OCLC: 527702688

Audio Holdings, Princeton : 2009.

Hunted by the friend who'd killed his illustrious cousin Crazy Horse, Black Wolf feared for the lives of his people, even as a flash flood forced him to accept the aid of gentle, golden-haired Madeline Penrod. The raging waters of the Ohio River made all their lives precarious - as precarious as his control over his senses when he gazed into Maddy's welcoming green eyes.

  Secrets of my heart
ISBN: 084393445X OCLC: 28283152

Leisure Books, New York : 1993, ©1983.

  Shadow bear
ISBN: 9781405643320 OCLC: 213383089

Wheeler/Chivers, Bath : 2008.

Determined to fulfill her late father's dream and her own destiny, Shiona Bramlett, searching for gold outside Fort Chance, finds protection in the arms of Lakota warrior Shadow Bear when she becomes the target of greedy outlaws.

Silken rapture
ISBN: 1420110179 OCLC: 520751591

Zebra, New York : [2010], ©1983.

Spirit warrior
ISBN: 0786248068 OCLC: 50476731

Thorndike Press, Waterville, Me. : 2002.

Storm rider
ISBN: 0739430696 OCLC: 51670669

New American Library, New York : ©2002.

Rescued as a child by a band of Crow Indians after her parents die in a tragic accident, Tabitha Daniel grows up to become Talking Rain, a legendary warrior woman who captures the heart of a young Assiniboine leader named Storm Rider.

Sun Hawk
ISBN: 0451200144 OCLC: 43963980

Signet, New York : ©2000.

  Swift horse
ISBN: 9781420136685 OCLC: 967765431

After witnessing the brutal murder of her parents at the hands of a savage, one-eyed warrior, Marsha Eveland swore she'd never forgive his kind. But then her brother announces his plans to marry Soft Wind, the undeniably beautiful sister of the Creek chief Swift Horse. Even if Marsha can forgive what feels like her brother's betrayal, the past isn't so easily left behind. It may be fear that forces Marsha to seek Swift Horse's protection, but it's an even stronger, untamed feeling that keeps her near him. Wilder still is her growing desire to ride alongside his passionate spirit--into the unknown country of her fearless heart . . .--Publisher description.

Thunder Heart
ISBN: 0451198689 OCLC: 43051427

Signet, New York : ©1999.

Dede Martin thinks she has found a good man to protect her fatherless boy. That is, until he attacks the nearby Ponca, leaving Dede and her son to be kidnapped in revenge. Against her fears, Dede soon melts with passion for her captor, Thunder Heart.

When passion calls
ISBN: 0843932651 OCLC: 21019339

Leisure Books, New York : 1991, ©1990.

  White Fire
ISBN: 9781420136722 OCLC: 951070587

Known as Flame for her fiery red hair, not to mention her temperament, beautiful Reshelle Russell wants only one man, the one she can’t have—or so she is told. But since childhood, Flame has known that the proud Chippewa warrior, White Fire, is meant for her. Now a grown woman, she has embarked on her quest for him, in defiance of her father, an elite army commander. Imprisoned for three years by an enemy tribe, White Fire has returned only to discover that his wife is dead and his young son has been taken by a wealthy white couple. It seems nothing can penetrate his cold, embittered heart, much less heal it—until he lays eyes on Flame once more. And soon it is clear that together they can fight to regain all he has lost, amid a passion that was destined to last for a lifetime…

Wild abandon
ISBN: 9781420136777 OCLC: 986857426

Upon the death of her father, and after the tragedy of the Civil War, Lauralee Johnston must place her trust in a Cherokee warrior named Joe Dancing Cloud, and as they claim each other's hearts, they must brave fear and prejudice as the world around them denounces their love.

Wild bliss
ISBN: 0451405854 OCLC: 32575648

Penguin Group, New York, N.Y. : ©1995.

Wild desire
ISBN: 9781420136753 OCLC: 904755726

A shining talent! --RT Book ReviewsFrom New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassie Edwards comes a captivating tale of forbidden--but irresistible--love. . .Stephanie Helton has long heard tales of the white boy the Navaho kidnapped and called Runner, impressed by his speed. Now he is a man, destined to be his adopted people's leader. Thanks to her father's status with the Santa Fe Railroad, Stephanie has been hired to photograph the enchanting Southwest--and will soon meet Runner in the flesh. An inexplicable thrill runs through her at the idea--but the reason becomes clear the moment she and the powerful, darkly sensual man lock eyes. The force between them can only lead to stolen kisses and overwhelming desire. . .But as the railroad betrays the Navaho nation, Runner soon finds his soul in torment. Can he lead his people yet join his destiny with this woman? Stephanie knows only that her heart may break. For how can she be both Runner's love, and his enemy. . .

Wild ecstasy
ISBN: 9781420136852 OCLC: 965740528

Zebra, [Place of publication not identified] : 2016.

A shining talent!--RT Book Reviews Fate revealed their forbidden love. Passion allowed them to follow their hearts. Beautiful and fiery of spirit, Mariah Temple is the daughter of a tyrannical father whose contempt for Native Americans has given them every reason to hate him. Echohawk is the daring Chippewa brave sworn to avenge the wrongs done to his father and his people. But when Mariah and Echohawk meet, the forbidden is unavoidable-bloodlines no longer matter, differences are swept away, and the two become inseparable ... 'ntil a fiercely guarded secret tears them apart. A future together would seem impossible, yet nothing can diminish the smoldering, restless heat of their desire. Praise for Cassie Edwards A sensitive storyteller who always touches readers' hearts.-RT Book Reviews Cassie Edwards captivates with white hot adventure and romance.-Karen Harper Edwards moves readers with love and compassion.-Bell, Book & Candle.

  Wild embrace
ISBN: 1420136860 OCLC: 964295293

Raised in luxury in San Francisco, exquisite Elizabeth Easton thought Seattle a raw, rough frontier harbor. But when the noble Suquamish warrior, Strong Heart, sweeps her into his flight back to his people, Elizabeth discovers what true wilderness is. For deep in the breathtaking forests of the great Pacific Northwest, Strong Heart is free from intolerance and injustice. Elizabeth is free from her controlling businessman father. And both she and Strong Heart are unbound from the prejudice that keeps them apart in the white world. Soon the handsome, sensitive man becomes her guide to ecstasy ... and she resolves to defy anything--and anyone--that tries to end their undeniable love ...--Page [4] cover.

Wild rapture
ISBN: 0451403304 OCLC: 26731219

Onyx, New York : ©1992.

Wild splendor
ISBN: 9781420136838 OCLC: 954105385

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cassie Edwards comes a wildly passionate tale of two lovers as destined to be together as they are forbidden A hothouse flower in the parched, rugged desert of the Arizona Territory, beautiful, headstrong Leonida Branson isn't about to waste her youth in a duty-bound marriage to a pompous general. And her resolve only strengthens when she sees Sage, the fierce Navaho chieftan her fiance has sworn to crush. For the comforts of civilization are no match for the adventurous passion the handsome warrior awakens in her. Each time Sage catches sight of Leonida's porcelain beauty, his dark eyes smolder with forbidden heat. Nothing has prepared him for the feelings that suddenly rage within himor for his overwhelming desire to sweep this exquisite woman into his powerful embrace, to teach her the ancient ways of his peopleand the timeless ways of love. Praise for Cassie Edwards A sensitive storyteller who always touches readers' hearts.-RT Book Reviews Cassie Edwards captivates with white hot adventure and romance.-Karen Harper Edwards moves readers with love and compassion.-Bell, Book & Candle.

Wild thunder
ISBN: 9781420136807 OCLC: 915813531

Hannah Kody came to her brother's ranch in the Kansas Territory to be his eyes, as his sight was failing fast. Yet his misfortune couldn't dim the joy she found in the wide vistas of the Western plains. And the excitement she found in the presence of Strong Wolf. The future chief of the Patawatomis stood tall and proud, and Hannah dreamed she had traveled there to meet him. But for Strong Wolf, Hannah was supposed to be the enemy, allied not only to the settlers he distrusted, but to the brutal foreman of her brother's ranch. He felt only sorrow could come of their attraction, until the day Hannah rode to his lodge, fell into his arms, and launched a journey neither had the desire to deny--Page 4 of cover.

Wild whispers
ISBN: 9781420136784 OCLC: 893454011

Kaylene Shelton's home had always been wherever her father's carnival pitched its tents across the wild frontier. It was a lonely upbringing save for the companionship of Midnight, the black panther she had raised from a cub. But she always knew in her heart that somewhere, someone was waiting to end her deep, unspoken longing--if she could only find the dark-haired warrior she had seen in her dreams ... Nothing could stop Chief Fire Thunder from freeing his sister from the carnival owner who had abducted her for his sideshow. But when he laid eyes on the beautiful Kaylene, he felt it only right to steal her back to his people's hideaway. Soon, the fierce warrior knew that he was the one who had been caught--by an irresistible passion ...--Page 4 of cover.

  Wind walker
ISBN: 1405630884 OCLC: 57573885

Chivers, Bath : 2005.

Winter Raven
ISBN: 0451201914 OCLC: 45536482

Signet, New York : ©2000.

When Holly Wintizer poses as a bounty hunter to capture outlaw Jake Two Moons, she becomes overcome with desire for his twin brother, Winter Raven, who is searching for a new wife and mother for his daughter.