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Bruce Steinberg

Born: 1958 in Skokie, Illinois
Pen Name: B.R. Robb, Bee Robb, A.D. David

Connection to Illinois: Steinberg lives in St. Charles, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and earned his law degree from the Loyola School of Law, Chicago.

Biography: Steinberg is an attorney whose first novel, ''The Widow's Son'', is set in 1966/67 Chicago and its suburbs. It tells the based-on-fact story of a 12-year-old's unwanted task of saving his family from self-destruction after his family witnesses the unexpected death of their father.''My Occasional Torment'' was written under the pen name of Bee Robb. It was published in 2010 and set in Highland Park, Illinois. It was also adapted into a stage play performed at Center Stage Theater in Naperville, Illinois.Steinberg is also the author of ''River Ghosts'' and ''An Assassinated Man.'' His book, ''Allen's Rocket'', was created by his son and was a joint effort between father and son.As BR Robb, Steinberg also writes a slice-of-life humor column for ''Silent Sports'', a monthly print magazine, has appeared as a guest on NPR and WGN radio, and has written feature columns for Chicago area newspapers including ''The Daily Herald''.

  • ''The Widow's Son'' - won grand prize winner at First Novel Fest 2000 ''River Ghosts'' - starred review ranking from Kirkus

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Allen's rocket :
ISBN: 1494327619 OCLC: 892969258

"Allen's Rocket is about seeking adventure while not forgetting about home. It's about finding new friends no matter where you go, and helping them as best you can. Most of all, it's about parents and children reading together, sharing the enjoy of discovering chapter books!"--Back cover.

  An assassinated man :
ISBN: 9781482641233 OCLC: 967984501

An Assassinated Man follows Rick Detner, who, in the face of assassins still after him, and the government seeking the death penalty for a murder he did not commit, is as good as dead. And if he's as good as dead, he decides, why not be willing to sacrifice himself to save others, especially the people he has neglected all his life. It's the one response his enemies never expected, and his only hope to survive.--provided by

My occasional torment /
ISBN: 1594149232 OCLC: 648480818

Five Star/Gale, Cengage Learning, Detroit, Mich. : 2010.

Marriage is demanding, and after 33 years, Julia wants proof that hers will last. Everyone in Highland Park, Illinois, seems to be cheating, divorced, or widowed. She cannot forget the time her husband, Sebastian, a history professor at the local junior college, was unfaithful before they married, and wonders if she should visit the plastic surgeon to keep herself desirable. Compounding her fears is the steady stream of women students who have read Mitch Albom and Frank McCourt, and now want her husband to be their inspiration. In between her fears that she is not woman enough, or Scottish enough (she's three quarters) for her husband, she is also worried about her elderly father-in-law, who obsesses about gangsters; her 17-year-old son Roby, who is at war with his father; and their widowed neighbor, whom they all call the vampire.

River ghosts /
ISBN: 1594146543 OCLC: 182621452

Gale Cengage Learning, Detroit : ©2008.

Hidden under a table, eight-year-old Richard Hill witnesses 18-year-old Henry Clayton, who sports a swastika tattoo, rape Richard's white mother, then murder her and his black father at his parents home in Red River Falls (evidently located near Chicago). Sixteen years after Henry is convicted, new DNA evidence gains him a governor's pardon and release from prison. Now a Red River Falls police patrol officer, Richard suspects the new evidence is bogus. When the murder of an elderly gay man points to an old white power buddy of Henry's as the culprit, Richard and his white squad partner suspect Henry's connected.

The widow's son /
ISBN: 096788957X OCLC: 48237129

Gardenia Press, Milwaukee, WI : ©2001.