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Matt Jordan

Born: 1990 in Suffield, Ohio
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Jordan currently attends college at Chicago State University.

Biography: Matt Jordan was born and raised in Suffield, Ohio. In the summer of 2009, Matt received an athletic scholarship to compete in Men's Cross-Country and Track at Chicago State University in Chicago. Currently, Matt spends his time bouncing back and forth between the city life of Chicago and the country life of Suffield.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

  The New Earth Saga
ISBN: 1438958951 OCLC:


Matt Reynolds, Mike Henderson, Alex Smith and John Wilson were just four average boys trying to live their lives under torment and humiliation on a daily basis. Uncertainty plagued the mind of Matt as an unusual dream of a storm continued to grow inside his mind. Everything changed when this storm became a reality, taking their bodies to a new world, New Earth. There, they learned the boundaries of humanity no longer are constricted to Earth. Many worlds of humans exist, but all are suffering under the forceful rule of a group called the Human Paragon who utilizes an ancient, mysterious power. For thirty-five years, this group has fought a war for domination of humanity, leaving only two worlds free: Earth, which remains in the dark of these events, and this new world. These four boys will discover that they're the only chance humanity has for survival against the Human Paragon's uncontrollable wrath and iron will. Can the boys rise up to the challenge at hand? Or will they perish along with the many that have fallen prior to their arrival?