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Robert Mohlenbrock

Born: 1931 in Murphysboro, Illinois
Pen Name: Robert H. Mohlenbrock

Connection to Illinois: Mohlenbrock has spent his entire life in Illinois.

Biography: Robert Mohlenbrock's life-long work with the flora of Illinois established him as the authority on the plants of Illinois. He began his survey of forest trees of southern Illinois while a junior at Murphysboro High School and he continues to document flora of the United States.Professor Mohlenbrock taught botany at Southern Illinois University Carbondale for thirty-four years, obtaining the title of Distinguished Professor. After his retirement in 1990, he joined Biotic Consultants as a senior scientist teaching wetland identification classes in twenty-six states to date. Mohlenbrock has been named SIU Outstanding Scholar and has re≠ceived the SIU Alumnus Teacher of the Year Award, the AMOCO Outstanding Teacher Award, and the Meritorious Teacher of the Year Award from the Asso≠ciation of Southeastern Biologists. During his career at Southern Illinois University, ninety graduate stu≠dents earned degrees under his direction. Since 1984, he has been a monthly columnist for ''Natural History'' magazine. Among his forty-five books and more than five hundred publications are ''Macmillanís Field Guide to North American Wildflowers'', ''Field Guide to the U. S. National Forests'', and ''Where Have All the Wildflowers Gone?''


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A flora of southern Illinois
ISBN: 9780809389896 OCLC: 42854449

Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale : 1974, ©1959.

Flowering plants :
ISBN: 0809329263 OCLC: 794701266

Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale : ©2009.

Since the publication of the first edition of Smartweeds to Hazelnuts in 1987, thirteen additional species and one hybrid have been discovered in Illinois. In addition, numerous nomenclatural changes have occurred for plants already known. This second edition updates the status of the Polygonaceae, Hamamelidaceae, Platanaceae, Fagaceae, Betulaceae, and Corylaceae in Illinois. Each of the newly discovered species has been added and is fully illustrated. Updated nomenclature as well as Illinois distributional data are included for each species. In addition to the fourt.

Flowering plants :
ISBN: 080932380X OCLC: 806953597

Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale : ©2001.

"Robert H. Mohlenbrock taught botany at Southern Illinois University Carbondale for thirty-four years, obtaining the title of Distinguished Professor."--Jacket.

Flowering plants, nightshades to mistletoe /
ISBN: 080931567X OCLC: 42854450

Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale : ©1990.

  Flowering Plants.
ISBN: 1322890331 OCLC: 903318059

Southern Illinois University Press, 2015.

Sedges /
ISBN: 0809320746 OCLC: 2224985

Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale : ©1976-©1999.

  Sedges : Carex
ISBN: 0809335506 OCLC: 944157447

  Trees :
ISBN: 0020634307 OCLC: 15628705

Collier Books, New York : ©1987.

Where have all the wildflowers gone? :
ISBN: 002585450X OCLC: 9132170

Macmillan ; New York : ©1983.

This book attempts to provide an account of each kind of plant that has been placed on the federal list of endangered and threatened species, as well as those that have gone through the listing process except for the final listing. In addition, nearly sixty plants in the United States that are rare and are being reviewed by the United States Fish and Wildlife service are described in this book. Following an initial chapter that discusses one of this nation's extinct plants and the efforts now being made to prevent further extinction, there are seven chapters based on geographical regions in this country that include the discussions of the endangered and threatened plants. Those plants which have already been listed by the federal government are given first in each chapter, followed by those currently under review.

  Wildflowers :
ISBN: 002063420X OCLC: 14412891

Macmillan ; New York : ©1987.