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Dr. Elana Ashley

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Dr. Ashley lives in Northbrook.

Biography: Dr. Elana Ashley is the founder and President of Dream Image Press, LLC, an interactive, educational company incorporating the writing and publishing of books and other written works, the creation of artwork, and the presentation of instructional and entertaining programs for children and adults. A multi-talented entrepreneur, Ashley incorporates her experience as an educator, author, artist, and actress in bringing lectures, performances and workshops to schools, libraries, park districts, and other community organizations, as well as providing speaking engagements and displays of art and book exhibits at conferences and conventions nationwide. With the help of an educational team of extraordinary puppets, she combines storytelling with original poems and songs to present programs that simultaneously engage and delight audiences of all ages in dynamic, dramatic presentations targeting coping strategies for every day issues in our lives. In addition, Dr. Ashley combines her original art and original writings into dramatic performances with universal messages for adults and seniors. Dr. Ashley earned both her M.A. and Ph.D. in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, specializing in Ugaritology from New York University in New York. She earned her B.A. from Queens College in Flushing, New York. Along with her books listed below, Dr. Ashley also has published a teaching guide for educators and parents and has two Splunkey's Special Three-Part Adventure Packages that include the children's book, audio CD, and teaching guide. One of the packages is recited and printed in English and the other in English/Spanish. All are available for purchase on her website. Dr. Ashley was recently honored by Strathmore's Who's Who as the Professional of the Year 2017 in Education and Entertainment. America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals has further recognized Dr. Ashley for her contributions and achievements in the field of Anti-Bullying Models for Children. In honor of her accomplishments and professionalism, Dr. Ashley's image was projected over Times Square, New York, on Monday, April 3,4 and 5, 2017. For more information about this great honor, read the [ press release]. Her books were also recently highlighted in [ Around the Town Chicago]. The following articles are about art, poetry and subjects based on her books: *2017 - Article “Bullying: What Parents Can Do” by Dr. Elana Ashley with brief blurb about the author and a photo of Ashley with her new book in English and English Spanish in the new, traditional magazine Winnetka Living, February, 2017 [Winnetka, IL] *2016 - Ashley's mixed media work 'Fantasy Creation: Slice of Heaven, Earth and Ocean' appears with a brief bio, including reference to and a photo of Ashley with her new book in English and English Spanish in the magazine Art & Beyond, Volume 8, Summer Issue, 2016 *2016 - Article 'The Passion of Youth' by Dr. Elana Ashley appeared online on Kings Calendar April 21, 2016. The article is followed by a photo and information about Ashley’s children’s book Case Two: Big Bully Holly Howler *2014 - Dr. Ashley has two paintings and a two page bio appearing in the book Living Artists of Today, Contemporary ART INTERNATIONAL, Vol 11, published by Art & Beyond Studio, Inc., 2014 *2014 - Selected poems by Dr. Ashley appear in Overcoming: An Anthology by the writers of OCWW (Off Campus Writers' Workshop), 2014 *2013 - Ashley's paintings, “After the Garden of Eden” and “The Floral Kingdom of Animals” appear with a bio in the magazine Art & Beyond, Volume 3, Summer/Fall Issue, 2013 Ashley has received the following Honors and Awards: *VIP Life Member, America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals *VIP Life Member, Strathmore's Who's Who *2017 Professional of the Year in Education and Entertainment - Selected by Strathmore’s Who’s Who: Woman of Excellence, Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide, 2016-2017 *Best of Northbrook Award Winner in the 2010 Educational Services category, U.S. Commerce Association *Award Winning Finalist, National Best Books 2008 sponsored by USA Book News in the category of Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction with Audio CD for her book Splunkunio Splunkey, Detective and Peacemaker, Detective y pacificador, Case One: The Missing Friendship Bracelet *Benjamin and Ida Hornstein Fellowship *Nominated for Woodrow Wilson Fellowship She has affiliations with the following organizations: *America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals *Strathmore's Who's Who; Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide *Illinois Women's Press Association *International Ventriloquist Society *International Women's Leadership Association *National Association for Bilingual Education *National Federation of Press Women *Off-Campus Writers Workshop *Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators *North Shore Art League *Glenview Art League *Wilmette Art Guild *Northbrook Chamber of Commerce *DBC Chamber of Commerce


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children

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Selected Titles

Big bully Holly Howler /
ISBN: 1480819565 OCLC: 935525746

Dream Image Press, Northbrook, Ill. : ©2003.

Alien Splunkunio Splunkey comes to the rescue when Ellie loses her friendship bracelet on her birthday and blames her best friend Eli, who becomes angry when unjustly accused.

  Bullying and prevention strategies :
ISBN: 9780974481234 OCLC: 1061199684

An interview conducted by Sue Masaracchia-Roberts with Dr. Elana Ashley concerning bullying. She discusses the meaning of bullying, how to detect warning signs and how to use various strategies for coping with harassment.

Splunkunio Splunkey, detective and peacemaker :
ISBN: 0974481211 OCLC: 61747919

Dream Image Press, Northbrook, Ill. : ©2005.

  Splunkunio Splunkey, detective and peacemaker.
ISBN: 1480822183 OCLC: 951780567

Archway Publishing, Bloomington, IN. : ©2015.

Ellie Elephant helps to transform a bully into a friend.

The missing friendship bracelet /
ISBN: 0974481203 OCLC: 54117430

Dream Image Press, Northbrook, Ill. : ©2003.

Alien Splunkunio Splunkey comes to the rescue when Ellie loses her friendship bracelet on her birthday and blames her best friend Eli, who becomes angry when unjustly accused.