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Margaret Caroline Anderson

Born: 1886 in Indianapolis, IN
Died: 1973 in Le Cannet, France

Pen Name: Margaret Anderson, Margaret C. Anderson

Connection to Illinois: Anderson moved to Chicago in 1908.

Biography: During Chicago's Literary Renaissance, Margaret Anderson founded the avant-garde literary magazine, ''The Little Review''. From 1914 to 1929, the magazine featured a wide variety of transatlantic modernists and cultivated many early examples of experimental writing and art.

  • -- Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, 2014

Primary Literary Genre(s): History; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Forbidden fires /
ISBN: 1562801236 OCLC: 33335725

Naiad Press, Tallahassee, Fla. : 1996.

A romance between two women, one of whom is a lesbian, the other who is not. The other considers lesbian practices a sin, yet her love is such that she cannot help herself. The setting is America and Europe, the time the 1950s.

My thirty years' war;
ISBN: 0837154294 OCLC: 133400

Greenwood Press Westport, Conn., [1971]

This is the autobiography of Margaret Anderson, who ran a literary magazine called The Little Review for 30 years ... from 1899 to 1929.

  My thirty years' war;
ISBN: 0818002107 OCLC: 75385

Horizon Press New York, [1970, ©1969]

  The fiery fountains;
ISBN: 0818002115 OCLC: 75928

Horizon Press New York, [1970, ©1969]

  The strange necessity;
ISBN: 0818002123 OCLC: 73827

Horizon Press New York, [1970, ©1969]

The unknowable Gurdjieff. /
ISBN: 071001015X OCLC: 844552584

[publisher not identified], [Place of publication not identified] : [date of publication not ident