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Lori B. Andrews

Born: 1952 in Chicago
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Andrews lives in the Chicago area and is a Distinguished Professor of law at Chicago-Kent College of Law and Director of the Institute for Science, Law and Technology.

Biography: Lori Andrews is a professor of law at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Chicago-Kent College of Law; Director of IIT's Institute for Science, Law, and Technology. She is an internationally-recognized expert on biotechnologies. Andrews is the author of fourteen books and more than one hundred scholarly articles, monographs, and book chapters on subjects including informed consent, medical genetics, and health policy. Her honors include: *The ''National Law Journal'' listed her as one of the '100 Most Influential Lawyers in America' *In 2002, she won the National Health Law Teachers Award*In 2005, she was made an Honorary Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine for her 'distinguished achievement in the field of legal medicine'*The American Bar Association Journal describes Andrews as a lawyer with a literary bent who has the scientific chops to rival any CSI investigator.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction & Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Assessing genetic risks :
ISBN: 0309047986 OCLC: 42328508

National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. : 1994.

  Assessing genetic risks :
ISBN: 9781153956451 OCLC: 671488539

General Books, Memphis, Tenn. : 2010.

Between strangers :
ISBN: 0060160586 OCLC: 18835398

Harper & Row, New York : ©1989.

Birth of a salesman :
ISBN: 0897070208 OCLC: 6447848

ABA Press, Chicago, Ill. : ©1980.

Black power, white blood :
ISBN: 1566397502 OCLC: 42718262

Temple University Press, Philadelphia : 1999.

Body bazaar :
ISBN: 0609605402 OCLC: 44110304

Crown Publishers, New York : ©2001.

Body Bazaar presents a disturbing and eye-opening look at the growing trade in human DNA, blood, tissue, bones, embryos and other commodities of the burgeoning new biotechnology market.

Future perfect :
ISBN: 0231121628 OCLC: 44681796

Columbia University Press, New York : ©2001.

Andrews offers a new plan for making decisions as individuals and as a society based on emerging issues of ethics and science.--Cover.

  Genetics :
ISBN: 9781634591577 OCLC: 910536218

I know who you are and I saw what you did :
ISBN: 1451650515 OCLC: 709673179

Free Press, New York : 2012.

Andrews writes about the widespread misuse of our personal online data and creates a Constitution for the web. Social networks are the defining cultural movement of our time. An ordinary individual can be a reporter, alerting the world to breaking news of a natural disaster or a political crisis. A layperson can be a scientist, participating in a crowd sourced research project or an investigator, helping cops solve a crime. But as we work and chat and date (and sometimes even have sex) over the web, traditional rights may be slipping away. Colleges and employers routinely reject applicants because of information found on social networks. Cops use photos from people's profiles to charge them with crimes, or argue for harsher sentences. Robbers use postings about vacations to figure out when to break into homes. At one school, officials used cameras on students' laptops to spy on them in their bedrooms. The same power of information that can topple governments can also topple a person's career, marriage, or future.

  I know who you are and I saw what you did :
ISBN: 9781451651058 OCLC: 823107175

Free Press, New York : 2013.

Social networks, the defining cultural movement of our time, offer many freedoms. But as we work and shop and date over the Web, we are opening ourselves up to intrusive privacy violations by employers, the police, and aggressive data collection companies that sell our information to any and all takers. Through groundbreaking research, Andrews reveals how routinely colleges reject applicants due to personal information searches, robbers use vacation postings to target homes for break-ins, and lawyers scour our social media for information to use against us in court. And the legal system isn't protecting us?in the thousands of privacy violations brought to trial, judges often rule against the victims. Providing expert advice and leading the charge to secure our rights, Andrews proposes a Social Network Constitution to protect us all. Now is the time to join her and take action?the very future of privacy is at stake.Log on to to sign the Constitution for Web Privacy.

Immunity /
ISBN: 0312352727 OCLC: 227328185

St. Martin's Minotaur, New York : 2008.

When his partner collapses and dies, DEA agent Castro Baxter refuses to believe that the cause of death was an overdose, a suspicion that is corroborated by tests which reveal a deadly contamination that could cost the lives of thousands.

  Immunity :
ISBN: 9781415960998 OCLC: 277148325

Books on Tape, [New York] : 2008.

Pathologist Alexandra Blake takes on an investigation into the gruesome and unexplained death of a DEA agent on a mob stakeout in New Mexico. Within hours, she uncovers similar deaths throughout the Southwest. Now she must find out if it's a naturally occurring epidemic or a lethal bioweapon been released in the United States.

  New conceptions :
ISBN: 0312566107 OCLC: 10017735

St. Martin's Press, New York : ©1984.

ISBN: 9781415931554 OCLC: 68570014

Books on Tape, Santa Ana, CA : ℗2006.

Geneticist Alexandra Blake is developing a vaccine against infectious diseases for the Air Force when her unit is drafted to find a serial killer targeting military bases.

Sequence /
ISBN: 0312352700 OCLC: 63122886

St. Martin's Minotaur, New York : 2006.

Geneticist Alexandra Blake uses her expertise to investigate a serial killer plaguing military bases across the country, but when an another murder hits close to home, Alex and her boyfriend, a Texas congressman, find their lives in danger.

  State laws and regulations governing newborn screening /
ISBN: 0910059047 OCLC: 13334905

American Bar Foundation ; Chicago : 1985.

The clone age :
ISBN: 080506446x OCLC: 43974101

Henry Holt, New York : 2000.

The silent assassin
ISBN: 9780312946487 OCLC: 85485108

St. Martin's Minotaur, New York : 2007.

When Dr. Alexandra Blake, a forensic specialist at the Armed Forces Institute, is assigned the task of returning several skulls brought home by American soldiers from Vietnam, she discovers that the case could be tied to another with a link to Vietnam.