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Erica Weisz

Connection to Illinois: Weisz lives in Deerfield.

Biography: Erica Weisz is an illustrator, author, and dreamer who creates her illustrations in watercolor, ink, and collage. She is inspired by the everyday moments of childhood, always uncovering the unexpected. Erica's passion for teaching inspires her to write and illustrate books that focus on character building, self-discovery, and personal growth.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Illustrator; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children


Selected Titles

Allergy Army (Sugar Bugs)
ISBN: 173634742X OCLC: 1285275589

Trism Books [S.l.] : 2024

With its light-hearted, engaging illustrations and allergy friendly language, this book is a perfect introduction to empower children to take care of their bodies when they have a food allergy. Follow Robbie, from Sugar Bugs, as he takes care to protect himself from any peanuts. Robbie always washes his hands before he eats, reads food labels, and asks about the ingredients. But when one of his friends brings a snack to share, he forgets to check the label for any peanuts. As he has an allergic reaction, he learns how to get help from his teachers, and how his Histamines step up to protect him.

Sugar Bugs
ISBN: 0988833832 OCLC: 984237627

Trism Books 2015

Robbie and the sugar bug family were the best of friends! It was always sprinkle donuts for breakfast, lollipops for lunch, and gummies for dinner. But then things started to go rotten… Get ready for the bite-size story of Robbie and the Sugar Bug family. Written by Libertyville Dentist, Dr. Sam Weisz, for the tiniest of patients, to get them ready to brush their pearly whites and take a seat in the dentist chair. With vibrant illustrations, this sweet storybook serves up a positive message for brushing, flossing, and eating healthy foods. Perfect for shared reading with your two-minute brusher in and out of the classroom!

Wrestling Dreams
ISBN: 0988833875 OCLC: 1011172121

Trism Books Deerfield, IL : 2017

BOOM! BOOM! Before fans were cheering Colt Cabana’s name in the AEW wrestling ring, his best friends were cheering for him in the school yard. In Colt Cabana’s heartfelt and inspirational book of never giving up and believing in yourself, Colt inspires your own little wrestler to dream big and persevere with the heart of a champion. Perfect for shared reading in and out of the classroom! Dominate the Complete Wrestling Collection Now! The Elite Team: Young Bucks Stand Tall The Elite Team: Cody Heart of the Mountain The Elite Team: Adam and the Golden Horseshoe Wrestling Dreams S is for Suplex