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Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

Born: 1914 in Lafayette, In
Pen Name: Tamara Kit

Connection to Illinois: Beatrice attended the University of Illinois, University of Chicago and Winnetka Graduate Teachers College from 1931 through 1941. She worked as an copy writer for Scott Foresman and company in Chicago until 1944.

Biography: Beatrice Schenk de Regniers was born in Lafayette, Indiana. She studied social work administration at the University of Chicago and earned her M.Ed. in 1941 from Winnetka Graduate Teachers' College. After doing social work for several years, she was sent to the Sinai Peninsula to a Yugoslav refugee camp, constructing a kindergarten and teaching American folk dances to the children. During the 1950s she began writing for children.She was a prolific author of books for children, including the Caldecott Award-winning ''May I Bring a Friend?'' de Regniers produced children's books in several categories, from original creations, to retellings of classic stories.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction; Poetry

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Selected Titles

Everyone is good for something /
ISBN: 039528967X OCLC: 4858066

Houghton Mifflin/Clarion Books, New York : ©1980.

Everyone tells the boy he's good for nothing until he rescues a wise cat and helps save an island from a plague of mice.

How Joe the bear and Sam the mouse got together
ISBN: 0688090796 OCLC: 19774317

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, New York : ©1990.

The friendship of Joe the Bear and Sam the Mouse blossoms when they find something they both like to do.

Jack and the beanstalk
ISBN: 0689311745 OCLC: 11970383

Atheneum, New York : 1985.

Retells in verse the old tale of the boy who climbed a beanstalk, killed a giant, and won a fortune.

Jack and the beanstalk /
ISBN: 0689714211 OCLC: 20931985

Aladdin Books, New York : 1990.

Retells in verse the old tale of the boy who climbed a beanstalk, killed a giant, and won a fortune.

Jack the Giant Killer :
ISBN: 0689312180 OCLC: 13268909

Atheneum, New York : 1987.

Retells in verse Jack's encounter with a giant, including such lore as the right way to shake hands with a giant.

  May I bring a friend?
ISBN: 9781442046511 OCLC: 712777994

Paw Prints, [Place of publication not identified] : [2009], ©1964.

A well-mannered little boy, frequently invited to visit the king and queen, always asks to bring a friend--and the friends are always wild animals--and always well-behaved. One day, a small boy receives a very special invitation -- the King and the Queen have invited him to the castle for tea. He accepts, with one question: May I bring a friend? Any friend of our friend is welcome her, says the King. But their guest's friend turns out to be someone they never expected!

May I bring a friend? /
ISBN: 0689713533 OCLC: 285476

Atheneum, New York : 1964

A well-mannered little boy has permission to bring his animal friends to visit the king and queen.

  Monster soup and other spooky poems
ISBN: 0590452088 OCLC: 25204645

Collection of humorous and scary poems about monsters.

  Red Riding Hood :
ISBN: 0689704356 OCLC: 309612

Retells in verse the adventures of a little girl who meets a wolf in the forest on her way to visit her grandmother.

So Many Cats!
ISBN: 9781442009851 OCLC: 310394446

Paw Prints 2009.

The way I feel-- sometimes /
ISBN: 0899196470 OCLC: 16226389

Clarion Books, New York : ©1988.

Presents a collection of poems about feelings, from anger to acceptance.

This big cat, and other cats I've known
ISBN: 0517555387 OCLC: 11290774

Crown Books, New York, N.Y. : 1985.

Describes in rhyme the activities of cats and the joys of knowing them.

Waiting for Mama /
ISBN: 089919222X OCLC: 9827480

Clarion Books, New York : ©1984.

Amy's wait outside the grocery store for her mother seems interminable, and she spends the time imagining the entire rest of her life.