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Raymond Thornton Chandler

Born: July 23, 1888 in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: Raymond Chandler

Connection to Illinois: Chandler was born in Chicago in 1888 and lived there until 1895.

Biography: Chandler was an American author of crime stories and novels of immense stylistic influence upon the the modern private eye story, especially in the style of the writing and the attitudes now characteristic of the genre. His modern private eye story, especially in the style of the writing and the attitudes now characteristic of the genre. His protagonist, Philip Marlowe, is synonymous with 'private detective,' along with Dashiell Hammett's Sam Spade.Chandler also wrote poetry and screenplays. Several of his books were adapted for film - ''The Falcon Takes Over'' (1942), ''Murder, My Sweet'' - originally released in the United Kingdom under the title ''Farewell, My Lovely'', which is the title of the novel it is based on, and also the film's original American title (1944), ''The Big Sleep'' (1946), ''The Brasher Doubloon'' - based on the novel ''The High Window'' by Raymond Chandler (1947), ''Lady in the Lake'' (1947), ''Marlowe'' - based on Raymond Chandler's 1949 novel The Little Sister (1969), ''The Long Goodbye'' (1973), ''Farewell, My Lovely'' (1975) and ''The Big Sleep'' (1978).


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Farewell, my lovely /
ISBN: 0394758277 OCLC: 26717456

Moose Malloy, a six-foot-five giant just out of prison, gets detective Philip Marlowe involved in his seemingly hopeless search for Velma, his missing girlfriend.

Playback /
ISBN: 0394757661 OCLC: 17506648

Vintage Books, New York : 1988, ©1986.

"In Chandler's final novel, Marlowe is hired by an influential lawyer he's never heard of to tail a gorgeous redhead, but decides he prefers to help out the redhead. She's been acquitted of her alcoholic husband's murder, but her father-in-law prefers not to take the court's word for it."--Back cover.

The big sleep
ISBN: 0194216624 OCLC: 59922480

Oxford University Press, Oxford : 1991.

The big sleep /
ISBN: 0394758285 OCLC: 26717361

When a case of blackmail involving the daughter of a California millionaire leads to murder, the inimitable Philip Marlowe is stirred into action as he becomes embroiled in a troublesome case of extortion complicated by kidnapping, pornography, seduction, and murder.

The high window /
ISBN: 0394758269 OCLC: 26717309

A wealthy Pasadena widow with a mean streak, a missing daughter-in-law with a past, and a gold coin worth a small fortune -- the elements don't quite add up until Marlowe discovers evidence of murder, rape, blackmail, and the worst kind of human exploitation.

The lady in the lake /
ISBN: 0394758250 OCLC: 26630044

Private detective Philip Marlowe's search for two lost wives leads him into a world of evil, corruption, and murder.

The little sister /
ISBN: 039475767X OCLC: 17506166

"Little Sister" appears in Philip Marlowe's office -- pathetic, appealing but with something strangely phony about her, and Marlowe finds himself in the center of a succession of curious and violent happenings.

  The long goodbye
ISBN: 014081521X OCLC: 38499589

Penguin Books, London : 1991.

The long goodbye /
ISBN: 0394757688 OCLC: 26726589

Vintage Books, New York : 1992.

Marlowe is constantly on the move with a case involving a war-scarred drunk and his nymphomaniac wife. A psychotic gangster is on his trail; he is in trouble with the cops; and an unequaled number of corpses turn up.

The simple art of murder /
ISBN: 0394757653 OCLC: 17506654

An essay on detective fiction accompanies eight stories about a politician's murder, a hotel detective, missing pearls, and gangsters.

Trouble is my business /
ISBN: 0394757645 OCLC: 26630129

A private detective is hired to break up an unsuitable romance, find a missing dog, solve a murder, search for an ex-con's lost girlfriend, ransom a necklace, and investigate a wife's mysterious disappearance.