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Norbert Blei

Born: 1935 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: 2013 in Sister Bay, Wisconsin

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Blei was born in an ethnic (primarily Czechoslovakian) neighborhood of western Chicago, Illinois known as Little Village, in the 26th & Pulaski area. An only child, Blei and his parents moved to the near-western Chicago suburb of Cicero when he was in grade school.

Biography: Norbert Blei began his career teaching high school English and subsequently worked at City News Bureau as a reporter. Blei left Chicago and moved to Door County in 1969, where he has lived and worked as a writer for over 40 years. For four decades, he worked in a converted chicken coop in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin. He was also the editor/publisher of a small literay press (devoted to helping writers get their first books in print--and also supporting 'veteran' little magazine, small press writers who may have drifted into obscurity). The name of his press was CROSS+ROADS PRESS, founded in 1997.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction; Poetry

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Adventures in an American's literature /
ISBN: 0933180411 OCLC: 17620873

Ellis, Peoria, Ill. : ©1982.

  Chi town
ISBN: 0944024106 OCLC: 22289546

Ellis Press, Granite Fall, Minn. : 1990.

Chi town /
ISBN: 0810120402 OCLC: 51242087

Northwestern University Press, Evanston, Ill. : 2003.

Chronicles of a rural journalist in America /
ISBN: 0962614033 OCLC: 23012002

Samizdat Press, Sister Bay, Wis. : 1990.

Door steps :
ISBN: 0933180446 OCLC: 10025594

Ellis Press, Peoria, Ill. : ©1983.

Door to door /
ISBN: 093318073x OCLC: 12352363

Ellis Press, Peoria, Ill. : 1985.

Door way :
ISBN: 0933180225 OCLC: 7978838

Ellis Press, Peoria, Ill. : ©1981.

Door way :
ISBN: 9780944024591 OCLC: 866615584

Weaving a tapestry of lives and landscapes, past and present, earth and water, Blei celebrates the unique heritage of Door County, Wisconsin, a spectacular peninsula reaching into Lake Michigan. Blei ponders the balance of nature in a place where locals, tourists, and developers vie with the native flora and fauna of forests and lakeshore--adapted from publisher's website.

  Meditations on a small lake :
ISBN: 0933180993 OCLC: 16948534

Ellis Press, Peoria, Ill. : 1987.

  Meditations on a small lake :
ISBN: 9780944024454 OCLC: 234303395

Ellis Press, Granite Falls, Minn. : ©2008.

  Neighborhood /
ISBN: 0944024009 OCLC: 17010671

Ellis Press, Peoria, Ill. : 1987.

The ghost of Sandburgʼs Phizzog and other stories /
ISBN: 093318087X OCLC: 14053158

Ellis Press, Peoria, Ill. : 1986.

  The hour of the sunshine now :
ISBN: 0931704006 OCLC: 3844281

[Story Press], [Chicago] : ©1978.

The second novel :
ISBN: 0913204099 OCLC: 4900821

December Press, Chicago : ©1978.