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Kevin Huizenga

Born: March 29, 1977 in Harvey, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: He was born in Harvey, Illinois.

Biography: Kevin Huizenga is a writer, artist and cartoonist best known as the creator of the comics character Glenn Ganges, who appears in most of his work. He produces short fiction and comic books. He is the founder of the online comic Catastophe Shop.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

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Selected Titles

Curses :
ISBN: 1894937864 OCLC: 69599403

Drawn & Quarterly Books, Montréal : 2006.

A collection of stories previously published in anthologies and random comic books.

Drawn & quarterly showcase.
ISBN: 1896597629 OCLC: 53367573

Drawn & Quarterly ; Montreal, Quebec, Canada : ©2003.

A collection of short stories illustrated in graphic format created by Chicago native Kevin Huizenga and Canadian Nicolas Robel.

Ganges /
ISBN: 1560977620 OCLC: 66910200

Fantagraphics, Seattle, WA : ©2006.

ISBN: 8876180303 OCLC: 635577028

Coconino Press, Bologna : 2006.

  Or else.
ISBN: 1897299818 OCLC: 502145455

Drawn and Quarterly, Montreal : 2008.