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Audrey Kenner

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Ms. Kenner lives in Chicago.

Biography: Audrey is an independent writing and editing professional in Chicago.


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Selected Titles

Recognizing Satan
ISBN: 1424195993 OCLC:

Publishamerica Incorporated 2007-11

Many troubles we face in life have some explanation; we can attribute them to bad behavior, past experiences, trauma, mental illness, even insanity. But what about when such explanations fail? What of a loved one changing inexplicably into a different person altogether? And what is it when someone who barely knows us deliberately targets us to unleash his ill will? One explanation is demonic force. One solution thatas lost its popularity is exorcism. Throughout history and even today, demons have inhabited human bodies to do evil. Satan exists today, challenging our faith, hoping that weare ignorant of the awesome power of Christ. Recognizing Satan exposes how the devil operates in the lives of both sinner and saint.