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Anna Grob

Born: 1962 in Chicago, IL
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Grob is a lifelong resident of the Chicago area and currently lives in the south suburbs. She went to school in the Palos Heights area, and later attended Moraine Valley Community College, where she took many classes in art and photography. Anna is a member of the Green Hill's Writer's Group in Palos Hills, and the Town and Country Art League in Palos Heights.

Biography: Anna Grob's love for animals and nature led her to volunteer at the Chicago Society's Brookfield Zoo since 2002. She received a Spotlight award for her dedication to teaching adults and children about wolves. Grob's first Children's book, ''A Coyote Who Wished He Lived In A Zoo'', was released in 2012 by a traditional publisher. The second edition of this book was published by Grob in 2014. An Award Winning Artist, Grob also draws her own illustrations for her books. Due to the coyote population increasing in Chicago and the nearby suburbs, Grob felt it was important to use a coyote as her main character to teach people about coyote awareness. Grob wrote a Mexican Gray Wolf fact sheet for Brookfield Zoo, as well as many articles for the Dog Paw Pet blog, and the newsletter for the Alaskan Malamute Club of Wisconsin. Grob is currently the webmaster for the Bets' Pets - Official Betty White Fan Club.Grob's, Wild Animal Survival Series, helps protect animals in the wild. *Book 1 ''A Coyote Who Wished He Lived In A Zoo''*Book 2 ''An African Painted Dog Without A Patch''*Book 3 ''Gibbon Finds A Friend'' (coming soon)

  • '''''A Coyote Who Wished He Lived In A Zoo'''''
  • -- Nomination, Juvenile Literature Awards, Friends of American Writers Chicago, 2012 '''''African Painted Dog Without A Patch'''''
  • -- National Indie Excellence Book Award - Children's non-fiction, 2016

Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children

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Selected Titles

A coyote who wished he lived in a zoo
ISBN: 9781937148157 OCLC: 823766777

Welcome to the zoo! What would you do if you were a coyote who was not happy living in the wild? Jessie wondered the same thing, until one day, his eyes opened to a beautiful place where his dream of finding an easier way of life, may come true.

An African painted dog without a patch /
ISBN: 1523968958 OCLC: 954602624

How can a young African Painted Dog explore the grasslands of the Serengeti without getting into trouble? Patch thought he had the answer, until the lions showed up. An African Painted Dog Without A Patch, is an exciting tale about a mischievous painted dog who learns life lessons through his experience away from his pack. The delightful illustrations add a touch of humor to the story. Children will love the wildly fun adventures of the character while they learn about the magnificent animals of Africa. Winner of the 2016 National Indie Excellence Award