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Jim Aylesworth

Born: 1943 in Jacksonville, Florida
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Aylesworth was 15 when his family moved to Hinsdale. He lived there until he moved to Chicago in 1996.

Biography: Jim Aylesworth is an award-winning author and teacher. He attended Hinsdale Highschool and graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a B.A. in English. After college, he began a career as a stockbroker but, after a series of assignments as a substitute teacher, Aylesworth ended up in a primary classroom. He began teaching first grade students in Oak Park, Illinois in 1971 and entered Concordia College in River Forest, Illinois,and graduated with a degree in elementary education in 1978. Jim won several awards as a teacher. In 1975 the Illinois State Board of Education named him among ''Those Who Excel'' and in 1984 he was named a ''Governor's Master Teacher''. It was Aylesworth's experiences as a teacher that eventually led him to writing children's books. His students enjoyed his stories and encouraged him to pursue his dream of being a children's author. Aylesworth started writing his own books and was first published in 1980.Jim Aylesworth still teaches to this day but, not in just one classroom. He continues to entertain and teach through his writing and travels to speak to children in schools and at book events across the United States.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Illustrator

Primary Audience(s): Children


Selected Titles

Aunt Pitty Patty's piggy
ISBN: 0590899872 OCLC: 39981740

Scholastic Press, New York : 1999.

A cumulative tale in which Aunt Pitty Patty's niece Nellie tries to get piggy to go through the gate.

Cock-a-doodle-doo, creak, pop-pop, moo /
ISBN: 0823427544 OCLC: New York :

Holiday House, New York : ©2012.

Rhyming text divulges the many sounds heard on a farm, from a rooster's morning crow to an owl's goodnight call.

Country crossing /
ISBN: 0689315805 OCLC: New York :

Atheneum ; New York : 1991.

Recreates the sights and sounds at a country crossing one summer night, as an old car patiently awaits the passing of a long and noisy freight train. Whooawoo!

Goldilocks and the three bears
ISBN: 0439674069 OCLC: 56763144

Scholastic, New York : 2004.

A little girl walking in the woods finds the house of the three bears and helps herself to their belongings. Back cover has recipe for Mama Bear's porridge cookies.

Good Night, Good Night Construction Site
ISBN: 0811877825 OCLC:

Chronicle Books 2011

At sunset, when their work is done for the day, a crane truck, a cement mixer, and other pieces of construction equipment make their way to their resting places and go to sleep.

Hanna's hog
ISBN: 0689313675 OCLC: 15548841

Atheneum, New York : 1988.

Hanna finds a way to protect her hog and chickens from a thieving neighbor.

Hush up!
ISBN: 0733911021 OCLC: 222292938

Longman, South Melbourne : 1999.

Jim Aylesworth and you /
ISBN: 1591582563 OCLC: Westport, Conn. :

Libraries Unlimited, Westport, Conn. : 2005.

This book features Jim Aylesworth, a popular picture book author. It discusses his life and work as well as the researching, writing, and illustrating of selected books. Discussion of children's reading development, including strategies and the author's philosophy about using books with children is offered, while lesson plan ideas and activities for each title provide practical help. The book is a fascinating window into the life and work of this popular children's author, and gives insight into Old Black Fly, Tricky Fox, and each of his tales.

Jim Aylesworth's book of bedtime stories /
ISBN: 0689820771 OCLC:

Four stories. In the 1st, a little girl mouse & a little girl person meet in the kitchen at bedtime & scare each other--only to dream of each other later. In the 2nd, Four beloved teddy bears each fear something at bedtime. As their little master explains away each fear, he makes the nighttime worry-free for himself, too. The 3rd story recounts the antics of a young mouse each hour after the clock strikes one. The 4th tells about the quiet activity of the nighttime world, ending with a child hearing a bedtime story & receiving a goodnight kiss.

Little Bitty Mousie /
ISBN: 0802796389 OCLC:

Little Bitty Mousie sneaks into a house one night and discovers many tantalizing new things, as well as one very scary thing.

Mary's mirror
ISBN: 0030603927 OCLC: 7923360

Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York : ©1982.

When Mary finds an old mirror, she doesn't like what she sees in it.

McGraw's Emporium
ISBN: 0805057978 OCLC: 39495677

H. Holt, New York : ©1998.

A boy searches for a gift for a sick friend at the unique store, McGraw's Emporium, but finally settles on a free kitten.

Mother Halverson's new cat
ISBN: 4880129925 OCLC: 820739288

Shinseken, Tokyo : 1999.9.

Mr. McGill goes to town
ISBN: 0805020969 OCLC: 27004792

Henry Holt, New York : 1992, ©1989.

Mr. McGill and four of his friends agree to help each other finish their chores so that they will all have time to go to the town fair.

My grandfather's coat /
ISBN: 0439925452 OCLC:

When my grandfather came to America he made himself a handsome coat! Then he wore it and he wore it and he wore it -- until it was all worn out! So what did he do? He snipped and he clipped, and he stitched and he sewed, and out of the still-good cloth of his coat, he made himself a smart jacket! How many things can Grandfather make over the years out of that old frayed coat?

My sister's rusty bike
ISBN: 0689317980 OCLC: 30546706

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York : 1996.

A rhyming tale of a zany, zigzag trip around America.

My son John /
ISBN: 0805055177 OCLC: New York :

H. Holt, New York : 1997, ©1994.

A new version of the traditional Mother Goose rhyme with fourteen new verses describing the activities of a group of children on a large farm.

Naughty little monkeys /
ISBN: 0142405620 OCLC:

Mom thinks all twenty-six of her monkeys are angelic, but from Andy's wayward airplane to Zelda's trip to the zoo, these little ones find a way to get into mischief for each letter of the alphabet.

Old black fly
ISBN: 9780805039245 OCLC: 32500542

Rhyming text and illustrations follow a mischievous old black fly through the alphabet as he has a very busy bad day landing where he should not be. A big bad fly wreaks alphabetical havoc on a household in lilting rhyme that brings readers to a resounding Swat! on the very last page. A solid refrain invites partial participation, but the whole sordid story, accompanied by Gammell's energetic vision of this watercolor pest, is easy to remember and chant. Nothing drives a family crazy faster than an old black fly on a hot summer day, especially when the family's a little crazy already. And this fly is as bad as they come. He knows every low-down trick in the book--and won't rest until he's gone through them all. He ate on the crust of the Apple pie. He bothered the Baby and made her cry. Shoo fly! Shoo fly! Shooo.

Once Upon a Time: Three Favorite Tales
ISBN: 0760760993 OCLC: New York :

Scholastic New York : 2004

Once upon a time...There was a delicious little GINGERBREAD MAN, a very TRICKY FOX, and a curious little girl named GOLDILOCKS. Popular best-selling author Jim Aylesworth and award-winning artist Barbara McClintock have created playful, spirited renditions of three timeless classics here, in one collection. It is sure to make the perfect gift and become a family favorite.

  One Crow
ISBN: 0064432424 OCLC: New York :

Harper Trophy New York : 1990

A farm, first in summer and then winter, is the setting for counting rhymes from one to ten.

Our Abe Lincoln :
ISBN: 9780439925488 OCLC: 163707079

Scholastic Press, New York : 2009.

Rhythmic verse tells the story of Abraham Lincoln's life, from his childhood in the wilderness of Illinois to his famous achievements as president--Provided by publisher.

Ravenmaster's Secret

Scholastic 2003

Shenandoah Noah
ISBN: 0030037492 OCLC: 11343941

Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, New York : ©1985.

Shenandoah Noah's reputation for laziness gets him into trouble when he catches fleas from his hounds and decides he has to take a bath.

Siren in the night
ISBN: 0807573744 OCLC: 9324564

A. Whitman, Niles, Ill. : 1983.

A mother reassures her little boy when their quiet family walk is disturbed by a loud firetruck blowing its siren.

Teddy Bear Tears.
ISBN: 9781442047242 OCLC: 319493633

Paw Prints 2009.

The bad dream
ISBN: 0807505064 OCLC: 11622130

A. Whitman, Niles, Ill. : 1985.

When a little boy is awakened by a bad dream, his parents comfort him by reminding him that nightmares are not real.

The burger and the hot dog /
ISBN: 0689838972 OCLC: 44669392

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York : 2001.

Collects rhymes and pictures involving food-based characters and their interactions.

The cat & the fiddle & more /
ISBN: 0689317158 OCLC: 24374478

Presents new variations on the traditional rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle."

  The Cat in the Hat
ISBN: 9780008183509 OCLC: 983198280

When Sally and her brother are left alone, they think they're in for a dull day. Then the Cat in the Hat steps in on the mat, bringing with him mayhem and madness.

The completed hickory dickory dock /
ISBN: 0689718624 OCLC: 29913791

Aladdin Paperbacks, New York : 1994, ©1990.

Recounts the antics of a young mouse each hour after the clock strikes one.

The folks in the valley :
ISBN: 0694009814 OCLC: 38540836

HarperFestival, [New York] : 1998, ©1992.

A rhyming alphabet book about the people and activities of a Pennsylvania Dutch settlement in a rural valley.

The Full Belly Bowl
ISBN: 0689810334 OCLC: New York :

Atheneum Books for Young Readers New York : 1999

In return for the kindness he showed a wee small man, a very old man is given a magical bowl that causes problems when it is not used properly.

The Gingerbread Cowboy
ISBN: 0060778636 OCLC:

HarperCollins 2000

A freshly baked gingerbread cowboy escapes from the rancher's wife's kitchen and eludes his pursuers in this western United States version of the Gingerbread Boy.

The gingerbread man
ISBN: 9781338187342 OCLC: 1004511268

An interactive reading experience that allows young ones to read together with an adult, answer questions within the text, and play with activities suggested at the end of the story. A freshly baked gingerbread man escapes when he is taken out of the oven and eludes a number of pursuers until he meets a clever fox.

The good-night kiss /
ISBN: 0689315155 OCLC: 24845300

Atheneum ; New York : ©1993.

The nighttime world includes lots of quiet activity, from animals moving in the woods to cars on the city streets to a child hearing a bedtime story and receiving a goodnight kiss.

The mitten /
ISBN: 0439925444 OCLC: 77520379

Scholastic Press, New York : 2009.

A retelling of the traditional tale of how a boy's lost mitten becomes a refuge from the cold for an increasing number of animals.

The tale of Tricky Fox :
ISBN: 0439095433 OCLC: 43684683

Scholastic Press, New York : 2001.

Tricky Fox uses his sack to trick everyone he meets into giving him ever more valuable items.

Through the night /
ISBN: 0689806426 OCLC: 36470200

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York, N.Y. : ©1998.

Daddy drives through the night, thinking of his wife and children, who greet him upon his arrival home.

Tonight's the night
ISBN: 0807580201 OCLC: 7247861

A. Whitman, Chicago : ©1981.

Daniel tries to find out exactly how it feels to fall asleep.

  Two terrible frights
ISBN: 0140508651 OCLC: 877792496

Puffin, London : 1990.

A little girl mouse and a little girl person meet while getting a snack in the kitchen at bedtime and scare each other--only to dream of each other later.

Wake up, little children :
ISBN: 068931857x OCLC: 34424480

Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York, N.Y. : ©1996.

Wake up, little children is a song celebrating the daytime that awaits a waking child. In all there is a world full of beauty just waiting to be explored and enjoyed in ways that only children know how.