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Robert K. Elder

Born: 1976 in Montana
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Elder lives Chicago. He teaches journalism at Northwestern University’s Medill School and Columbia College in Chicago.

Biography: Robert K. Elder is a journalist, author and film columnist. Along with the books Elder has written, he also edited [ ''John Woo: Interviews''.]


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Hidden Hemingway :
ISBN: 9781606352731 OCLC: 950770229

The Kent State University Press, Kent, Ohio : 2016.

Thinking of Ernest Hemingway often brings to mind his travels around the world, documenting war and engaging in thrilling adventures. However, fully understanding this outsized international author means returning to his place of birth. Hidden Hemingway presents highlights from the extraordinary collection of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park. Thoroughly researched, and illustrated with more than 300 color images, this impressive volume includes never-before-published photos; letters between Hemingway and Agnes Von Kurowsky, his World War I love; bullfighting memorabilia; high school assignments; adolescent diaries; Hemingway's earliest published work, such as the Class Prophecy that appeared in his high school yearbook; and even a dental X-ray. Hidden Hemingway also includes one of the final letters Hemingway wrote, as he was undergoing electroshock treatment at the Mayo Clinic. These documents, photographs, and ephemera trace the trajectory of the life of an American literary legend. The items showcased in Hidden Hemingway are more than stage-dressing for a literary life, more than marginalia. They provide definition-and, in some cases, documentation-of Hemingway's ambition, heartbreak, literary triumphs and trials, and joys and tragedies. It's Hemingway's stature as a Pulitzer Prize- and Nobel Prize-winning author that draws so many biographers and historians to his work. It is also the wealth of material he left behind that makes him such a compelling, engaging, and often polarizing figure. For Hemingway, the material he saved was both autobiography and research. He gathered data and details that made the life lived in his books more authentic. The authors of Hidden Hemingway have done the same, telling a life story through items that illuminate Hemingway's legacy. Some of the material contradicts the public image that Hemingway built for himself, and some supports his larger-than-life myth. In all, Hidden Hemingway celebrates the Ernest Hemingway archives and Oak Park's most famous author.

It was love when-- :
ISBN: 9781402256714 OCLC: 781089300

Sourcebooks Casablanca, Naperville, Ill. : ©2011.

He told me I was a penguin: tiny, adorable, and loved by everyone. TALES FROM THE BEGINNING OF LOVE It may be after three days together, or after three months-it's that moment when it all falls together. From heartfelt declarations to all-knowing smiles, It Was Love When .. captures that moment when love is just beginning.? I thought to myself, I love him more than Spider-Man loves Mary Jane.? I was looking through his iTunes when I realized that our playlists were nearly identical.? Suddenly he turned off the lights and told me to look up at the ceiling. Glow-in-the-dark stars covered the entire ceiling, spelling out I love you. Both addictive and heartwarming, It Was Love When ... is a freeze frame of that moment when you realize that you're truly, completely in love.

It was over when-- :
ISBN: 1402253222 OCLC: 712673640

Sourcebooks Casablanca, Naperville, Ill. : 2011.

A snapshot of modern romance gone bad, complete with its complexities and contradictions, It Was Over When ... compiles the best user-submitted stories of lost love from its companion website (, to create a greatest hits collection of cringe-inducing love schadenfreude. The moment you realize you've got a bad romance can be funny, sad, and sometimes both-but it is nearly always resonant, therapeutic, and universal. This is a spot-on voyeuristic guide to navigating the landmine riddled field of love.

Last words of the executed
ISBN: 9780226202693 OCLC: 659576508

The University of Chicago Press, Chicago ; 2010.

Some beg for forgiveness. Others claim innocence. At least three cheer for their favorite football teams. Death waits for us all, but only those sentenced to death know the day and the hour--and only they can be sure that their last words will be recorded for posterity. Last Words of the Executed presents an oral history of American capital punishment, as heard from the gallows, the chair, and the gurney. The product of seven years of extensive research by journalist Robert K. Elder, the book explores the cultural value of these final statements and asks what we can learn from them. We hear from both the famous--such as Nathan Hale, Joe Hill, Ted Bundy, and John Brown--and the forgotten, and their words give us unprecedented glimpses into their lives, their crimes, and the world they inhabited. Organized by era and method of execution, these final statements range from heartfelt to horrific. Some are calls for peace or cries against injustice; others are accepting, confessional, or consoling; still others are venomous, rage-fueled diatribes. Even the chills evoked by some of these last words are brought on in part by the shared humanity we can't ignore, their reminder that we all come to the same end, regardless of how we arrive there.--Provided by publisher.

  The best film you've never seen :
ISBN: 9781613749289 OCLC: 843202492

Revealing a festival of guilty pleasures, almost-masterpieces, and undeniable classics in need of revival, 35 directors champion their favorite overlooked or critically savaged gems in this guide. The list includes unsung noir films The Chase and Murder by Contract, famous flops Can't Stop the Music and Joe Versus the Volcano, art films L'ange and WR: Mysteries of the Organism, theatrical adaptations The Iceman Cometh and The Homecoming, B-movies Killer Klowns from Outer Space and The Honeymoon Killers, and even Oscar-winners Breaking Away and Some Came Running. The filmmakers, including Guillermo del Toro, John Waters, John Woo, Edgar Wright, and Danny Boyle, defend their choices, wanting these films to be loved, admired, and swooned over, arguing the films deserve a larger audience and their place in movie history be reconsidered. Some were well-loved but are now faded or forgotten, others ran afoul of critics or were just buried after a dismal opening run, and still others never even got proper distribution. A few of these titles qualify as bona fide obscurata, but now most can be found on DVD or streaming from Netflix or Amazon. The filmmakers are the perfect hosts, setting the tone, managing expectations, and often being brutally honest about a film's shortcomings or the reasons why it was lost in the first place--Provided by publisher.

The film that changed my life :
ISBN: 9781556528255 OCLC: 699498416

Chicago Review Press, Chicago, Ill. : ©2011.

Spanning several generationsfrom newcomers to Oscar Award-winning veteransthis volume features a discussion of the movies that shaped the careers of these filmmakers and, in turn, cinema history. Here directors, including Peter Bogdanovich, Kimberly Peirce, Arthur Hiller, and John Waters, explore the film they saw at an especially formative moment, how it influenced their own workor, in some cases, led them to tell stories through movies themselvesand the effects it had on their thoughts about cinema. Revealing stories include how after watching Rebel Without a Cause, John Woo started combing his hair like James Dean and even began talking like him; Apocalypse Now inspired Danny Boyle to take risks and make larger-than-life films; and a line in The Wizard of OzWho could ever have thought a good little girl like you could destroy all my beautiful wickedness?has become almost a personal mantra or prayer for John Waters.